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Our company offers its Customers a diverse range of PVC products.

Inflatable pontoons

Our company offers floating pontoons and components thereto. In our company you may offer cylindrical, parachutic, long length and general models.

General pillow pontoon

When operating under water, the “pillow” may be fixed either vertically, or horizontally, both outside and inside the object.

Parachutic pontoon

To date, parachutic-type pontoon is irreplaceable working equipment for harbors, divers, rescuers, etc.

Cylindrical pontoons

Feature inflatable envelopes in the form of cylinders with suspension systems consisting of longitudinal and transversal cords.

Long-length pontoons

The product features elongated cylindrical balloon of 10 m length divided in two sections, with 300 mm diameter and carrying capacity in the order of 60 kg.

Liquid-weighted cargo

Our company offers bulk cargos and containers for conduction of static and dynamic tests of lifting equipment, mechanisms, and tests of items of buildings, towers, bridges, warehousing equipment, reinforced concrete and metal structures, as well as other engineering constructions.

Containers and Tanks

Flexible tanks and bladder containers are used in different fields: agro-industrial, oil (including upon the liquidation of accidental spillage) and agricultural fields, in the emergency and fire-prevention activity of the Emergency Control Ministry.

Pneumocarcass pallets

Pallets with inflatable carcass are airproof; they are equipped with relief valves for excessive pressure drop.

Open-type pneumocarcass tanks

Flexible tanks with inflatable carcass are easy-to-use — it is only needed to inflate carcass, and tank is prepared.

Closed-type flexible tanks

“UER” series flexible tanks are intended for storing and transportation of water and technological solutions for industrial and fire-prevention purposes.

Open-type flexible tanks

Under development of market of flexible tanks and the use thereof for various needs, open-type containers became necessary.

Inflatable Buoys

An inflatable buoy is one of the key factors of safety in water. These accessories are produced in bright vivid colors so that to be noticeable from afar.

Inflatable Buoys

Inflatable buoys are produced of extra high-strength and reliable material — PVC. We offer various forms and colorations; thereby, you can select an option which suits to your needs the best.

Buoys for Free-Diving

A buoy for free-diving features a tube with floor and cover. It is made of high-strength materials with the use of sustainable fittings and complementary elements.

Cushion for cable

Use of inflatable pillow for cable has perfectly approved itself. It is used when carrying out rescue operations or urgent installations of various types of cable or piping systems under extreme conditions. The item is produced from reinforced PVC fabric.

Inflatable Bridges

Bridges designed for safe and steady operation on snow, light ice, water, mosses, as well as the other unstable surfaces. Perfect for use in emergency recovery operations. PVC inflatable bridges feature constructions of ergonomic modification. They are made in the form of catamarans, which remain afloat very well, even under severe conditions of ice movements, streams, tides, volatile climate.

Pnevmotent of PVC

AZART PNEVMOTENT company develops and manufactures mobile pneumo-framed modules (tents) used as quickly erectable structured for accommodation of military units, civilians or as field repair shops.

Pneumo-framed modules came into common use during containment and prevention of natural and man-made emergency situations, namely by using the modules as: temporary loging, mobile headquarters and control centers, field hospitals, amenities complexes, decontamination facility for vehicles and people, revetments for vehicles, shelters for repair works and equipment and for other purposes.

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PVC products for rescue needs

Currently the products made of PVC material are recognized worldwide as the most convenient, practical and cost-effective. Our company keeps pace with the technological advances and offers its Customers a diverse range of PVC products:

Inflatable products of the new generation. Our company from Russia produces PVC products.
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