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Buoys for Free-Diving

Buoy for free-diving is one of the key outfit components, of which one should never forget. Buoys have no effects on the quality and quantity of immersions, therefore, they perform not less useful functions ensuring safety and convenience of a diver. 

What Is a Buoy for Free-Diving?

A buoy for free-diving features a tube with floor and cover. It is made of high-strength materials with the use of sustainable fittings and complementary elements. It usually has a brilliant orange and cardinal red color, so that it could be seen with half an eye from afar.

To What a Buoy Is Intended?

Primarily, it performs a signal function noting site of diving and lifting of a diver in order to make him visible from the drifting by vessels. In such a manner they will be able to circumvent diving site, which means that a swimmer will avoid danger. Buoy can be fastened not only to bottom, but also the swimmer himself designating his location. 

As articulated earlier, round buoy for free-diving features a floor and a cover, for this reason it serves for moving or putting in of necessary outfit, things, food, underwater survey equipment and a lot more so that it would always be available and easily transported from vessel to the diving site. 

Owing to its stability, buoy may serve as an island, of which the diver can catch hold between diving. 

Buoys for free-diving are comfortable and practical in use. AZART offers you perfect well-appointed options: handles, rope ties, special mountings for wire ropes, upper cover with convenient clasps, which you can easily open even in gloves. Deflated buoy will not take much place, and be very easily transportable.

If you want to purchase inflatable buoys for free-diving made of very high-strength material — PVC — please contact us! We guarantee high quality of products coupled with low prices, manufactured goods warranty and exact time of execution of order. All issues relating to our products, as well as the way in which you can make a purchase, you can specify having called to us or ordered a callback. 

Photos of Buoys for Free-Diving

Buoy for Free-Diving
Buoy for Free-Diving
Buoy for Free-Diving
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