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Inflatable Floating PVC Pontoons Manufactured in Saint Petersburg

Our company offers floating pontoons and components thereto. In our company you may offer cylindrical, parachutic, long length and general models.

Pontoon designs and properties of materials, of which they are made:

PVC pontoons – soft floating facilities for keeping weights on water. Most commonly used for lifting loads from under the water and supporting them on the float.

We offer:

General pillow pontoon
General pillow pontoon

When operating under water, the “pillow” may be fixed either vertically, or horizontally, both outside and inside the object.

Parachutic pontoon
Parachutic pontoon

To date, parachutic-type pontoon is irreplaceable working equipment for harbors, divers, rescuers, etc.

Cylindrical pontoon
Cylindrical pontoon

Feature inflatable envelopes in the form of cylinders with suspension systems consisting of longitudinal and transversal cords.

Long-length pontoons
Long-length pontoons

The product features elongated cylindrical balloon of 10 m length divided in two sections, with 300 mm diameter and carrying capacity in the order of 60 kg.

Inflatable pontoons feature PVC aggregates on which there is a suspension system of rigging cords used for anchoring loads. Pontoon envelope bears fittings for air delivery via pipes, as well as valves for blowing off air at the excessive pressure. It should be added that PVC items preserve their properties under negative temperatures.

Joint seams on pontoons can be realized in different ways: gluing together, hot air welding, high-frequency welding. We offer best available production technology subject to conditions of service and product requirements.

Where Are They Used?

Pontoons are widely sought after in sea and river industries. They are used:

  • for surfacing sunken ships and other equipment;
  • for disabled vessels support;
  • for hiking vessels;
  • for underwater repair operations;
  • for use in the capacity of inflatable jack;
  • in cases, where soil resistance should be lowered at refloating of ships.

What Are Pontoons Advantageous Of?

  • PVC pontoons have relatively low values;
  • in some cases pontoons are the only possible ways to solve the problem of lifting loads;
  • folded pontoons have light weights and small dimensions. You can quickly and without troubles deliver equipment to the place of performance of works;
  • PVC pontoons have huge safety margins, they endure up to several thousands of tons weights;
  • easy to repair;
  • may be used notwithstanding the nearness of shore or harbor facilities;
  • soft pontoons can submerge on any depth.

Useful entries for our customers

Photos of Inflatable pontoons

Inflatable pontoon
Inflatable pontoon
Inflatable pontoon
Inflatable pontoon
Inflatable pontoon
Inflatable pontoon
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PVC products for rescue needs

Currently the products made of PVC material are recognized worldwide as the most convenient, practical and cost-effective. Our company keeps pace with the technological advances and offers its Customers a diverse range of PVC products:

Inflatable products of the new generation. Our company from Russia produces PVC products.
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