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The Right Way to Exploit Inflatable Pontoons

Inflatable pontoons have a broad application field. They are helpful in carrying out repair works and life-saving operations well playing out even in extreme situations. However, working with inflatable pontoons, you should always meet a range of performance requirements. It will allow you significantly to extend the life of pontoon and protect from emergence of unforeseen situations in the course of works. In this entry we will provide basic conditions of pontoons’ proper service.


When using inflatable pontoons, it is very important always to pay maximum attention to manufacturer’s instructions. Firstly, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Use pontoon strictly for application field pointed by manufacturer. To date, there are a great number of pontoons on the market, tailored to the peculiarities of various application fields. If selecting such pontoons, you will be able to execute a full range of scheduled operations without worrying that pontoon would not suit by form or carrying capacity.
  • Comply with requirements of manufacturer concerning carrying capacity of pontoon. Maximum values are provided for each item, but one should never try pontoons for mechanical strength. The best way would be, if pontoon would be under fewer loads than indicated in maximum values.
  • When using, try to avoid heavy pressure of sharp metal flanges on pontoon. Although inflatable pontoons are well-protected from punctures and often have multilayer structure of walls, it would be much better to be extra cautious saving them from the risk of punctures.
  • Satisfy the requirements concerning contact of pontoon surface with inflammable materials and other substances potentially capable to inflict harm to material.
  • Folded pontoons should be stored in places specially adapted for this purpose. If used in seawater, see about cleaning and removing of salt collected in folds.

After all, the dominant requirement at the use of pontoons remains a full compliance with manufacturer’s requirements. In such a case you can be sure that pontoons will withstand long-term usage and remain solid, durable and safe.

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