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The Right Way to Exploit Inflatable Bridge

Such product, as inflatable bridge, is perfectly shown itself in flooding periods or in emergency situations. In addition, inflatable bridges have a great deal of other popular fields of use. For extended life of inflatable bridge one should observe a range of important rules. They are those, of which we will speak in this entry


How to “prolong life” of inflatable bridge?

In order that inflatable bridge could serve to well longer, you should:

  • Turn attention to maximum carrying capacity of each model. You must never use bridges, which do not comply with basic parameters. Along with that, it is necessary to bring to notice how the model remains afloat.
  • Avoid punctures and action of sharp objects against the bridge. Inflatable bridges are produced from durable materials able to bear intense external influence. However, it is no worth to try bridge casing for mechanical strength once more — in such a way, you will significantly extend the life of inflatable item.
  • Bridge must be used only when completely inflated and expanded. For the purpose of observing safety at working with inflatable bridge, do use the item only after it became ready for use and filled with air entirely.
  • Prevent charging pressure inside the bridge in excess of that recommended by manufacturer. Otherwise, the case could not simply withstand internal pressure. Particularly, it is worth paying attention to the output of pump used with inflatable bridge.
  • Always try to observe precautions of bridge storing, when it is not used.
  • Avoid contacting of highly inflammable substances with bridge surfaces, as well as the influence of fire and extensive temperatures.

In addition, abide the rules of bridge storing established by manufacturer. For proper service, never overload the bridge or use item under inappropriate conditions. After use the inflatable bridge should be released from air and folded as prescribed in manufacturer’s work manual.

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