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The Right Way to Care for Inflatable Pontoons

Inflatable pontoon may be useful when carrying out repair and rescue operations. The items withstand heavy loads and are produced from durable materials well protected from external negative factors. However, even qualitative pontoons will require for observance of all rules of operation and care, when not in use. In this entry we will answer the question asked by many owners of inflatable products concerning the right way of care for inflatable pontoons in order they could serve longer.

Simple rules for long-term product operation

Basic rules of care for pontoons include the following:

  • After completion of use, you must completely deflate a pontoon and fold it according to requirements imposed by manufacturer. When buying pontoon, turn attention to the way in which it is folded in factory — such storing option will be the best for the item.
  • Try to dry out pontoons after use and never store them in a wet location. Notwithstanding that walls of pontoons are made from durable PVC material proof against water, items will be better dried out after use. For this purpose, you should unfold pontoon, either deflated or filled, outdoors or in well-ventilated room.
  • Clean the surface of pontoons off various pollutions. Pontoons are frequently used in places of spillage of combustive and lubricating materials and at sea, as well. Pontoon surface should be completely cleaned off all pollutions before storing. You should be especially attentive to oil derivatives and substances with elevated acidity level.
  • Keep pontoons in wet places without intense temperature differences. It would be ideal to create separate zone for storage, where constant temperature could be maintained.
  • After use always inspect surfaces of pontoon walls, and carry out all necessary repairs, if needed.

Complying with these simple rules, you may be assured that the pontoon will serve to you for a long time. Remember that it is simpler to satisfy all safety requirements than buy a new model in future or repair already existing. Quality and length of service of these useful inflatable products are in your hands.

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