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The Right Way to Care for Bulk Cargos

Application field of water-filled cargos is such that they constantly undergo external negative influences. The cargos are produced so that to withstand heavy loads, but even the most qualitative materials have the defined endurance limits. Take note of that proper care for such items can significantly extend their lives. We offer several simple advices to help you to extend the life of water-filled cargo and defer the need of buying new product.


Basic rules of care for bulk cargos

The conditions of use of cargos impose not so many extra requirements for care. For such items almost the same list of care conditions as for other similar products may apply:

  • Abide the rules of filling container with water and releasing it from its content. Try to handle with hoses carefully, detach them in a pull-free way and secure in position indicated by manufacturer.
  • After using bulk cargo you need to properly fold the product. Take note that you should fold the item according to pre-defied pattern. In such a way you will preserve space for compact storing, especially when you work with huge cargo of large dimensions.
  • Dry out cargo surface and clean it. It is of a great importance, when arranging proper storage, properly to clean surface off accumulated salt or foreign substances. For storing, cargo surface should be clean. Take note that at storing cargo it would be the best to ensure appropriate conditions — the room should not be too humid, there should not be rapid temperature changes in it.
  • Take note of correct hoses stocking with no kinks and bends. The hoses should also be stored at correct temperature — it ensures that it will not leak through the induced breaks.

Focus on specific character of storing bulk cargos, it will ensure a long life time of product. Cargos differ with a high strength, but in order to significantly increase their lifetimes you should see after correct storing. The above listed conditions are fairly simple for compliance with, so, see after them from the moment of purchase of bulk cargo.

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