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Bulk Control Cargos for Tests

One cargo’s weight varies between 500 kg and 50 tons

AZART offers bulk cargos and containers for conduction of static and dynamic tests of lifting equipment, mechanisms, and tests of items of buildings, towers, bridges, warehousing equipment, reinforced concrete and metal structures, as well as other engineering constructions.

Water-filled cargos design: 

The product features a pear-shaped container located in the suspension system consisting of rigging cords, which pass through special pouches and firmly embrace the structure all around. Water discharge pipe is fixed underneath.

Advantages of water-filled cargos against static:
  • Generality (One cargo can be used for conduction of tests of various mechanisms, from lifting to static ones);
  • Made of PVC material differing with high-wearing feature, strength and endurance;
  • Folded product has low weight and dimensions versus reinforced concrete and steel analogs;
  • Use of water-filled cargos is globally deemed to be the most safe, efficient and cost-effective solution.
Patterns of fastening of tests bulk cargos
Bulk cargos model series
Model Capacity, l Vertical dimension, m Diameter, m Price
VG-А500 500 1,85 1,5
To specify price
VG-А1t 1 000 2,0 1,5
To specify price
VG-А2t 2 000 2,6 1,7
To specify price
VG-А3t 3 000 3,0 1,85
To specify price
VG-А5t 5 000 3,3 2,15
To specify price
VG-А10t 10 000 4,95 2,3
To specify price
VG-А15t 15 000 5,4 2,7
To specify price
VG-А20t 20 000 5,7 3,2
To specify price
VG-А25t 25 000 6,0 3,8
To specify price
VG-А30t 30 000 6,3 4,0
To specify price
VG-А35t 35 000 7,0 4,1
To specify price
VG-А40t 40 000 7,5 4,1
To specify price
VG-А50t 50 000 8,0 4,3
To specify price
The following are tested with the use of bulk cargos:
  • Lifting equipment
  • Buildings, towers, bridges items
  • Warehousing equipment
  • Reinforced concrete and metal structures
  • Engineering constructions
Our cargos in operation:

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