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The Right Way to Exploit Bulk Cargos

Bulk cargos have a broad application field. They enable testing of various equipment, machines and structures. Such products are made from durable material capable to withstand heavy loads along with holding shape and integrity. However, in order to significantly extend the lives of such products it is necessary to meet a range of important operational requirements, which we will tell in this entry about.

Basic rules of operation

  • Observe maximum values of carrying capacity. For each item the marking is provided indicating maximum carrying capacity values. For example, cargos marked as VG-A500 are tailored for 500 kg maximum weight, and those marked as VG-A50t — 50 000. Exceeding maximum values of carrying capacity will result in loss of integrity of container envelope. It is necessary to prevent.
  • While in operation, see after correct securing of all hoses, both for filling of container and water drain. Hold the hose in optimal position laid down in service instruction.
  • Try to protect cargo from possible puncture of envelope. Although cargo’s envelope is really solid and not infrequently has several layers of material, you would be better to avoid its contact with sharp items. In the course of works, no intense external pressure should be exerted on cargo — the structure should be in balance.
  • Take care of reliability of lifting mechanism. For this purpose, a special rigging shackle is provided in cargo design. In order to avoid falling down of cargo during use, you must measure possibilities of element, on which the cargo is suspended and maximum weight of cargo itself.
  • Avoid contacting of cargo surface with various types of inflammable substances and acids — this can negatively impact on the envelope material condition, and, consequently, on the lifetime of the product.

The Right Way to Exploit Bulk Cargos

Most commonly these simple requirements are not complied with at the use of cargos. It results in that cargos suffer damages and their lifetimes are significantly declined. Observation of a set of simple rules could materially extend the lifetime of the cargo, so, do observe them with importance, and lifetime of the item will materially extend.

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